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Peter Ruplinger

The Ruplinger Corporation was founded by Peter Ruplinger in 1987.

As founder, Peter Ruplinger attributes his success to always putting the customer's welfare above his own. The company's primary goal is always 100% customer satisfaction. As a result of this ethic, over 80% of the company's activity is due to repeat business.

The prime service which Peter endeavors to provide is professionalism. This Peter defines as "no surprises". A truly professional company provides what is wanted, when it is wanted, at the cost that is expected, and the product does exactly what it is expected to do. There is no room for surprise in a professional organization.


  • Ruplinger Corporation received the "Rookie Of The Year Award" and cash prize from Sumitomo for outstanding sales in their first year.
  • Nordson Powder Coating awarded Ruplinger Corporation the Nordson Excellence In Service Award.

Peter Ruplinger Bio:

Peter Ruplinger received his B.Sc. and MBA from San Diego State University. He served as Manager for General Electric Supply. He is the author of numerous published technical writings, including three magazine articles for The Electrical Distributor. Peter was the Allen-Bradley PLC specialist for the Rand Corporation and has taught numerous classes on high voltage terminations, PLC programming, motion control, and short circuit protection. Peter also received the SDSU Outstandanding Student Award, served as a county delegate and served on the Sandy City Mayorial Transition Team.

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